Updated no-deal Brexit business continuity advice

27 February 2019 – CHM Online

Health and social care ministers have asked care home managers to take the following actions ahead of a no-deal Brexit on 29.03.2019:

  • Providers of care services do not need to stockpile products. However, where your organisation relies on receiving products directly from the EU on a short lead time basis (i.e. 24 to 48 hours), you may need to plan for longer lead times of around three days as part of business continuity plans.
  • Assess your ability to receive stock deliveries outside your current normal goods receipting hours.
  • Refer to business continuity plan guidance issued in the 21.12.2018 letters.
  • Work at local level with the relevant Director of Adult Social Services

The nhs.uk website has also been updated with some patient facing information on medicines supply.


Ed. It’s no surprise that the care sector doesn’t know whether its coming or going with Brexit…much like the rest of the UK!

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