English county where one GP covers home visits for 500,000 patients: Shock figure reveals crisis in out-of-hours NHS care that has ‘left dying cancer patients in agony with no one to administer morphine’

24 February 2019 – Daily Mail

A single GP is having to cover night-time home visits for a population of half a million.

The doctor is solely responsible for an area of 1,346 square miles, yet ten years ago, eight GPs shared the workload in Shropshire. The situation is blamed on lack of cash and a shortage of GPs prepared to carry out unsocial hours.

Cover is so bad that patients trying to see a doctor at evenings or weekends have been told to drive an hour over the border to get help in Wales. A mother of a sick child was offered consultations an 80-mile round trip from her Ludlow home.


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