NHS Confederation welcomes proposals to remove barriers to deliver more joined-up care to patients

28 February 2019 – NHS Confederation

Responding to the NHS England and NHS Improvement consultation on legislative change, Niall Dickson, Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents organisations across the healthcare sector, said:

Many aspects of the 2012 NHS reforms are no longer fit for purpose. We are all now seeking to deliver a new vision with joined-up care at its heart, and that will require local health and care organisations to work much more closely together. We therefore welcome the broad thrust of these proposals which should remove some of the barriers to effective collaboration.

“In particular we applaud the proposals that will enable better partnership working and reduce the burden of the current procurement regime.

“However, we do need to make sure that local systems can offer choices for patients, and therefore support personalised budgets and the strengthening of patient choice rights.  We also want to make sure there are clear mechanisms to hold individuals and systems to account and that we avoid creating conflicts of interest.

“We must be alert to the risk of unintended consequences where new powers or requirements may interact with existing statutory or board duties. For example, we will be consulting our members about the potential impact of new powers for NHS Improvement to set Foundation Trust capital spending limits.

“These proposals though are a positive move and we will be having discussions with NHS England and consulting our members across the NHS in England before responding in detail.”


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