Ending disability-based deprivation of liberty?

The report has been published by the UN Special Rapporteur for Persons with Disabilities, Catalina Devandas, on ‘Ending the deprivation of liberty on the basis of disability.” In it, the Special Rapporteur seeks to outline the scope of the problem of deprivation of liberty on the basis of disability world-wide, its causes, as well as a set of recommendations to end it. The examples she gives of what – on any view – are human rights abuses are compelling, and the call to action loud and clear. For an analysis of the difficult issues that arise because of the (over)reach of the Special Rapporteur’s challenge to the justifications advanced for deprivation of liberty, see Alex’s website.

Ed. As ever, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to specialist barristers:
Alex Ruck Keene
Victoria Butler-Cole
Neil Allen
Annabel Lee
Nicola Kohn
Katie Scott
Katherine Barnes
Simon Edwards (P&A)
Adrian Ward
Jill Stavert

for their kind permission to reproduce the case summaries above which first appeared in Mental Capacity Law Newsletter, March 2019, published by 39 Essex Chambers.

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