Children’s Social Work Statistics 2017-18

26 March 2019 – Gov.Scot

2% of children in Scotland were being looked after by local authorities or on the child protection register on 31.07.2018, according to the latest Children’s Social Work Statistics, published today by Scotland’s Chief Statistician.

The statistics include information on children who were looked after, on the child protection register, or in secure care accommodation show that:

  • an estimated 14,738 children were looked after in 2018, a decrease of 1% from 2017, and the sixth successive year of decline
    foster care remains the most common accommodation for looked after children, accounting for over a third of looked after children (34%), whereas residential care accounts for 10% of looked after children
  • the number of children starting to become looked after decreased in 2017-18, while the number ceasing to be looked after increased compared with 2016-17.
  • in the first collection of Continuing Care information, there were a total of 208 young people recorded as being in Continuing Care in 2017-18
  • of the estimated 6,109 care leavers eligible for aftercare services on 31 July 2018, 62% were known to be receiving aftercare
    the number of children on the child protection register increased slightly in 2018 to an estimated 2,668, but remains lower than the recent peak recorded in 2014
  • around half of children registered were on the child protection register for less than six months, while 16% were registered for a year or more
  • 85 young people were in secure care accommodation at the end of July 2018. The average number of young people placed in secure care accommodation during 2017-18 was 81, up from 76 during the previous year. If placements from the rest of the UK are excluded, the average number of young people placed in secure care from Scotland fell by 18% compared to last year


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