CQC raises concerns about variation in quality of care provided by independent clinics and doctors

28 March 2019 – CQC

A new report from CQC analysing inspections of independent doctor services in England – a diverse sector that privately provides primary medical care, such as private GP services and specialist clinics – has found that safety was the biggest concern.

While some good practice was identified, analysis found that just under half of independent consulting doctor services (32 out of 66 first inspection reports analysed) and slimming clinics (16 out of 38 first inspection reports analysed) were not providing safe care in accordance with the relevant regulations on their first inspection – although most providers (10 out of 14 independent doctor reports analysed) had improved upon re-inspection. Among re-inspected slimming clinics, eight had shown some improvement.

Across independent primary care services, there were concerns about the safety and efficacy of prescribing, and concerns were also raised around poor record keeping and clinicians not communicating their activity with the patient’s GP. Often this was linked to limited functionality and interconnectivity of IT systems.


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