Editorial – 24 Apr 2019

Drumroll please… it is almost time for our new-look, long anticipated healthcare review!

The times are changing and so are the ways that we access information.  So we have put together a website that is just as accessible as the PDF, but will look a lot nicer. The site will of course be available day or night, but we will aim to provide fresh content on Wednesdays as we have always done.

Watch this space for more information very soon!

‘Time For Care’ has been in the news this week – a time saving scheme piloted at many GP surgeries since 2016.

Why has it been in the news? Because it worked. It is set to be rolled out across the country by 2022.

At least part of the success comes from the fact that groups of practices have been allowed to implement measures that they think will be useful.

But these measures (such as telephone appointments, extra nurse practitioners etc.) are not a new idea. Nor is it new information that GPs have been struggling to cope with demand for some time now.

Andrew tells me that GPs have always had the power to hold telephone appointments within their practices – so why have some waited for a scheme to come in to play, rather than just doing what is needed?

So, whilst there should be some praise for the scheme, I’ll hold off the applause in general until the headlines read ‘resounding success’ rather than ‘ticking by’.

Lauren Sowerbutts

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