Matt Hancock unveils £1m plans to reclaim NHS overseas visitors debts

10 September 2019 – NHE

Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock, plans to give an additional £1m funding, to be used to expand the team of experts responsible for recovering millions of pounds in costs for treating overseas visitors in the NHS.

Since 2018, NHS trusts have been able to confer with a dedicated team of cost-recovery experts, who work with cost-recovery managers already working within NHS trusts.

The expansion of the team will help the NHS reclaim outstanding debts from overseas visitors, who (under most circumstances) must pay for their care.

The team will also help the NHS understand and implement the charging rules and processes for EEA visitors and migrants as part of preparations for leaving the EU.

Only people who are ordinarily resident in the UK are eligible for free care, with non-EEA visitors required to pay a health surcharge when they apply for a visa to live temporarily in the UK.


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