84% of care home beds in England owned by private firms

19 September 2019 – Guardian

The Government must run more care homes – report
19 September 2019 – ITV News

Research has found that nearly eight out of 10 care home beds are provided by profit-driven companies, including more than 50,000 by large operators owned by private equity firms. Local councils used to dominate the sector, but no longer do.

The disclosure of the private sector’s huge market share has raised concerns because some of the biggest operators have large debts, are alleged to use tax avoidance schemes and drive down staff pay.

For-profit companies own 381,524 (83.6%) of England’s 456,545 care home beds, research by the IPPR thinktank (in partnership with Future Care Capital) found that based on analysis of data from the CQC and Companies House, an increase on the 82% in 2015.

Source (Guardian)

Source (ITV)


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