No deal Brexit protection for UK nationals living in Europe welcome but we still need a deal, says NHS Confederation

23 September 2019 – NHS Confederation

Dr Layla McCay, Director of International Relations at the NHS Confederation has responded to the Government’s announcement on contingency plans for reciprocal healthcare arrangements in the event of no deal Brexit:

This has been a major worry for UK nationals living in EU countries and today’s announcement will provide some reassurance that most won’t have to pay for their healthcare costs immediately after Brexit. It’s a further sign of the extensive preparations that have been made for a no-deal outcome. But it’s only a temporary measure and the best way of guaranteeing that patients are protected in future will be through a negotiated deal.

“We now need reassurance in other areas such as the UK’s continued participation in key data sharing platforms that protect the public from health threats, and recognising the authorisations of medicines and medical goods to keep medical supplies flowing. This will be best achieved through a negotiated deal but at the very least we will need a mini deal, or technical adjustments to keep both UK and EU patients safe.


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