Actions of care worker could have caused death of 101-year-old Emily, inquest hears

27 September 2019 – Cornwall Live

Emily Sims was a resident of Antron Manor care home in Mabe, near Penryn, when she fell from her bed in October 2017 leading to two spiral fractures in both thighs, the stress of which caused a perforated duodenal ulcer which led to her death at the Royal Cornwall Hospital five days later.

An inquest held in Truro on 26.09.2019 heard that the widow claimed her care worker had grabbed her by the ankles, twisted her around, forcing her to fall to the floor, receiving multiple fractures in both femurs.

The court saw mobile phone footage, taken by Mrs Sims’ niece Sheila Handley, of the 101-year-old on the trauma ward at the Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, shortly before her death.


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