Campaigners angry over social care action delay

14 January 2020 – Independent Care Group

Govt warns that rescue could take a full parliament

Campaigners are angry after the Government admitted it could be up to another five years before it tackles the crisis in social care.

The Independent Care Group (ICG) says it is dismayed at Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s admission in a BBC interview that it could take a full parliament to deliver action on social care.

The Group’s Chair, Mike Padgham said: “This is a huge disappointment after all the promises to tackle social care that were made when Mr Johnson took over as Prime Minister and during the General Election campaign.

To hear that social care could be fobbed off for up to another five years is a kick in the teeth for the 1.5m people who can’t get the care they need today.

“The social care sector deserves better and tackling this crisis should be the Government’s number one domestic priority.

“If we are forced to wait up to five more years then more providers will close and even more people will start going without care.”

Mr Johnson said a plan would be brought forward this year but admitted it could take up to 2025 to have it implemented.

Mr Padgham said the Government had to put quick measures in place to tackle the social care crisis now.

We don’t need any more plans, documents or proposals, we need action,” he said. “For a start, the Government could alleviate some of the financial pressure on care providers by making social care zero-rated for VAT.

“If the Government can consider intervening to aid the airline Flybe by cutting air passenger duty on domestic flights then it can consider helping social care providers too.”

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