Drug hope for people with chronic cough

26 February 2020 – BBC News

A study has revealed that millions suffering from a persistent cough could have their incapacitating symptoms relieved by a new treatment.

Up to 10% of adults worldwide experience symptoms with no clear underlying cause, sometimes for decades.

Researchers at the University of Manchester said a clinical trial of a potential new drug, Gefapixant (MK-7264) resulted in a significant reduction in patients’ symptoms.

A total of 253 men and women from the US and UK who had suffered from a cough – but were otherwise healthy – that had been unresponsive to treatment for an average of 14.5 years were recruited for the 12-week trial and given either a placebo or Gefapixant twice a day for 84 days but were not told which, and were given doses of either 7.5mg, 20mg or 50mg.

Following 12 weeks of treatment, those being given the drug reported a reduction to, on average, 11 coughs per hour.

However, those taking a placebo also reported a reduction, down to 18 times per hour.


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