Freedom of Expression & Protection from Abuse

27 February 2020 – Care England

Freedom of Expression & Protection from Abuse

Care England has welcomed CQC’s Report on Promoting Sexual Safety Through Empowerment, a review of sexual safety and the support of people’s sexuality in adult social care.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England said:

We welcome CQC’s attitude towards sexual abuse, it simply should not be tolerated. It is however high time for a conversation to be had about allowing people in receipt of care to have the relationships that they choose”.

CQC published Promoting Sexual Safety Through Empowerment on 27 February. It calls for leaders across adult social care to work together to create a culture of openness where people using services feel empowered and supported to be open about sexuality and relationships while ensuring that they are protected from sexual harm. The report is available here.

Recommendations in the report include the production of co-produced guidance for care managers and staff that focuses on how to protect people using adult social care from sexual abuse and how to support them to develop and maintain relationships and express their sexuality should be developed. A further recommendation is that CQC should continue to improve the system of provider notifications and how they deal with reported incidents ensuring staff are supported.

Martin Green continued:

Care England will be seeking an on-going dialogue with CQC to ensure that the recommendations within the report can come to fruition and how best our members, care providers, can develop ways of initiating open conversations where people are supported to express their sexuality”.

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