BBC request – PPE and staffing questions

25 March 2020 – NCF

Dear Lin Mason

BBC News is trying to get a sense of the pressures currently being faced by care providers – in particular when it comes to access to PPE. We realise how busy you are and appreciate all that you are doing, but hope you will have a few minutes to answer the questions below. Please email your response to

Many thanks,

Alison Holt
BBC Social Affairs Correspondent


Care Provider Name:
Person filling in the form:
Contact details (if willing):

Question 1 The NHS recommends the following PPE for those involved in direct care to COVID-19 patients: Medical mask, gown, gloves, eye protection (goggles or face shield)

Q1a Do you have sufficient quantities of the above for staff to give direct care for expected numbers of COVID-19 patients? Yes or No

Q1b If not, please list which of the 4 items you currently lack. ?

Q1c How long do you expect your current stocks to last?

Q1d When do you expect further stocks to be delivered?

Q2a Do you have staff who are currently self-isolating? Yes or No.

Q2b What approx. percentage of your staff are currently self-isolating?

Q2c Are there any other issues arising locally as a result of COVID19 ? Eg. Accepting residents returning from hospital, staffing difficulties, access to food supplies.

Thank you

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